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There’s an awesome tutorial on Craftster about how to marble paper with shaving cream:

Naturally, I had to have a go!  Here are some shots from mine.  I used some paper I got for free at a trade show.  It’s pretty sturdy, good for watercolor and ink, etc.  I used cheapo shaving cream and cheapo food coloring.  It worked out just like in the tutorial.

I had a few issues with some residue of the shaving cream on the surface.  In the future I would be particularly careful to get all the shaving cream off.  I really like the blue card that I did first.  The shaving cream was not so muddled and left really cool patterns.  The more mixed one looks like clouds, I also liked that.  The multicolored ones didn’t work out so great for me.


Some cross hatching because of a window screen shadow....