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Finally, I have access to a card reader and can get things off my DSLR!

I’ve been working on the love embroidery quite a bit.  The exception being the seemingly infinitely long finals period I had to suffer through.  Blergh.

The background is supposed to be only two colors, but I’m using some crappy embroidery thread I had from the summer from friendship bracelet season, and I ran out of blue.  I was pretty sure I couldn’t find a perfect match, so I switched over to three colors.  Purple is the only stuff I have left to do, so I’m feeling pretty good!  I think  I will also add a little black border going around the outside to keep things in and visually tidy.  Thoughts?

And just because, here is a picture of an angel food cake that has a giant handprint from getting it out of the pan.  Oops.


My hell week has nearly ended (it morphed into a hell week and  a half).  I actually had a few spare moments though to work on it over the week, so I thought I’d update you.  This was also spurred by my day trip to New York, where I got to see another version of the Robert Indiana sculpture!  Pictures of both are below!

I’m going to have an incredibly busy week, so I thought I’d just put up a little image of a work in progress that I won’t be working on at all this week.

It’s the Robert Indiana sculpture that you see in a lot of places.  I was most recently in Philly for the Southern Graphics Conference, so here’s a picture of their’s:

And mine so far:  I’ve been working on it for a few weeks now, never more than a few hours a week.  It’s pretty relaxing, and a good beginning into making my own patterns.