I’m not terribly psyched about this project.  Nothing is quite perfect, but not imperfect enough to look charming.  (I wrote about the process for this one in some previous posts, so you can look at those if you’re terribly curious).  The stitching for the quilting and the edging is just not great.  I was trying to finish this before coming back to school, and I think it shows in how hurried it looks.  So here are two pictures that are slightly dark and very carefully angled so that you can’t see all the icky bits.  Enjoy.

Close up on a square:

I think it’s going to end up being a little floor quilt, or the thing I put on my lap when I am using my very overheating computer.  Oh well, it was a fair exercise, and now I know I need a lot more work before starting on a large full size quilt.


I have next to no interest in fused glass.

I actually kind of think diachromatic glass is ugly.  Sorry world.

The front is all done!

Oh and  below the fold, we’ll find some shots from my very first quilt.

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I had a few hours today, so I thought I’d get together a little quilting.  I just received an awesome starter stash (I really ought to post a pic of that too), and in it were about 35 small already pieced squares.  So far, I’ve just pieced the small squares into 4’s.  Tomorrow I’m going to piece them together with black borders around them.  The only problem I anticipate is that the squares are not at all perfectly even.  We shall see!

Here’s a square:

Here’s a maybe layout:

Hopefully the front will be done tomorrow and I can shop for batting and backing!  I’m also thinking about free motion quilting this.  Hmmm.

So my mom has this ridiculous habit of saying “bite me” on occasion.  It’s actually pretty adorable and hilarious, coming from someone like her.  But mostly it annoys me.  Anyways, I felt she deserved a little something to commemorate this.  I haven’t told her to expect it, so hopefully she’ll enjoy it!  It only took maybe 2 or 3 hours to work up, since the design is so simple.  I was a little inspired by the Subversive Cross Stitch, but I didn’t want the blackwork border that design features.  The frame was a cheapy from Target.

Photographed against some dirty snow on the way to the post office.