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I’ve been meaning to make one of these for a while, because my family has a ton of corks.   I thought it would be fun but it took such a long time!  I’m pleased with the final result.


We’ve been making this recipe in my family for ages.  It’s from the I Hate to Cook Cookbook, a lovely little tiny paperback from 1960 by a snarky housewife.  This recipe asks for baking chocolate to be melted with vegetable oil, but before that the recipe says “Find your saucepan.”

I think in the book they are actually called fudge cookies.  But the way they are made (rolling balls of dough in powdered sugar and then baking at a high temperature) makes the surface very crackly.  As a clumsy little kid, I thought they looked just like a cracking scab.  Gross name for a delicious food.

Finally, I have access to a card reader and can get things off my DSLR!

I’ve been working on the love embroidery quite a bit.  The exception being the seemingly infinitely long finals period I had to suffer through.  Blergh.

The background is supposed to be only two colors, but I’m using some crappy embroidery thread I had from the summer from friendship bracelet season, and I ran out of blue.  I was pretty sure I couldn’t find a perfect match, so I switched over to three colors.  Purple is the only stuff I have left to do, so I’m feeling pretty good!  I think  I will also add a little black border going around the outside to keep things in and visually tidy.  Thoughts?

And just because, here is a picture of an angel food cake that has a giant handprint from getting it out of the pan.  Oops.

It has been a while, I know!!! I’ve been quite busy with finals. I promise though that there will be some pictures of the LOVE embroidery coming along (I finished the red section!). Also, I’m about to pull an all nighter in the Book Arts Lab, so I should have some shots of my final project soon!

I recently asked my friends to do pretty intense favors for me, so I made them some letterpress thank you notes.  I was thinking spring time, so I went with a reduction linoleum cut of a few blades of grass.  I messed it up a little- I wanted to have some of the blades look like they were looping around each other, but I think this looks fine.

The back:  My name, the time, and a really cute block of a little squirrel.  This part didn’t come out perfectly in the photos, but it looks ok in person.

I took a workshop on sculptural weaving, because the artist who was teaching it had a few really interesting pieces up at our school (and because it was free).  I did some basket weaving back in the day, but all pretty conventional stuff.  The workshop was a blast!  It was a lot of fun trying to relax and just let the materials do the work.

This one is mine.  I feel like it’s a little bit of a Rorschach test to see what it is, all of my friends have had different interpretations.

And this is the work of the workshop leader, Nathalie Miebach.  She’s half German and half French (adorable accent!) and a lot of her work has really interesting layers.  She did a basket in which the weave represented average hours of sunlight in Massachusetts.  Cool stuff like that.

Apology- I’ve been internet-less for the past week.  It should be fixed tomorrow, fingers crossed!  I’ve also got some great pictures on a DSLR that I was given, but no way of getting them out of the memory card.  Sad sad sad.  I’m working on it though, no worries!

Preview- I’ve got quite a few things ready to be posted, but here is a sneak preview of one!  I made some letter press thank you notes with a simple grass design.  Sorry for the crappy cell phone pic!

All locked up in the bed of the press, ready for the first run!

There’s an awesome tutorial on Craftster about how to marble paper with shaving cream:

Naturally, I had to have a go!  Here are some shots from mine.  I used some paper I got for free at a trade show.  It’s pretty sturdy, good for watercolor and ink, etc.  I used cheapo shaving cream and cheapo food coloring.  It worked out just like in the tutorial.

I had a few issues with some residue of the shaving cream on the surface.  In the future I would be particularly careful to get all the shaving cream off.  I really like the blue card that I did first.  The shaving cream was not so muddled and left really cool patterns.  The more mixed one looks like clouds, I also liked that.  The multicolored ones didn’t work out so great for me.


Some cross hatching because of a window screen shadow....

My hell week has nearly ended (it morphed into a hell week and  a half).  I actually had a few spare moments though to work on it over the week, so I thought I’d update you.  This was also spurred by my day trip to New York, where I got to see another version of the Robert Indiana sculpture!  Pictures of both are below!

I’m going to have an incredibly busy week, so I thought I’d just put up a little image of a work in progress that I won’t be working on at all this week.

It’s the Robert Indiana sculpture that you see in a lot of places.  I was most recently in Philly for the Southern Graphics Conference, so here’s a picture of their’s:

And mine so far:  I’ve been working on it for a few weeks now, never more than a few hours a week.  It’s pretty relaxing, and a good beginning into making my own patterns.